• Commodity storage arm

    Commodity storage arm designed as strong arms, with the capacity to accommodate heavy cargo, Cargo curled, dedicated and convenience when storing.

    Commodity storage arm

    Commodity storage arm designed from imported steel materials, varied in size, weight, is used for storage, display and sale at the shop supplies, commodity storage density high, reasonable prices.


    Commodity storage arm
    Commodity storage arm

    • Unloading goods quickly.

    • Eliminate the difficulties along from top to bottom as other kinds of shelves due to problems of horizontal bars (beam bar) front, the length of the shelf space storage.

    • Store a variety of goods length.

    • Load 1000- 2000kg / layer (upon request).

    • Is the anti-rust powder coating, corrosion.

    Commodity storage arm
    Commodity storage arm

    Commodity storage arm is fixed to the column with bolts, screws. Depending on your needs we designed corbels with one or two side columns with the size, different loads. The ability to download up to 18 ton column side, the ability to load on the arm of up to 6 tons.

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