• Roll out storage racks is new project of Vinarack’s factory

    Proper Storage Systems manufactures roll-out shelving racks designed to your exact specifications. No matter what size or weight item you need to safely store, we have an industrial rack design that will improve your material handling.

    On the world, Roll out storage is rack common but in Viet Nam  is big project.

    VINARACK is nationally renowned for the quality construction of its steel roll-out storage rack systems. These racks are made to store heavy product on arms that protrude like traditional cantilever rack but unline cantilever, the arms move in and out as needed versus being statically located in place as with traditional cantilever systems.

    While roll-out storage racks are designed to store long inventory like traditional cantilever, they function quite differently. These racks are operated by cranking out a "drawer" on the unit that is then accessible by crane from above. Each individual "drawer" or roll-out shelf can be accessed independently from the others, and offers very safe and secure storage.

    Roll out storage racks combine all of the storage density of cantilever racks with the selectivity afforded by dynamic systems for stock, tubing, or pipe storage. These racks store materials in "drawers" allow access from an overhead crane. This overhead access allows more room in front of the racks where the front of a cantilever system must be kept clear for lift truck access.

    Another benefit of these racks over cantilever rack systems is that they provide more safety. No matter how secure you believe a load to be on cantilever rack, it still has the potential to roll and/or fall off of the shelves. With the enclosed ”drawers” in this type of system, this kind of accident is simply not possible.


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