• Storage Shelf

    Storage shelf in a dedicated warehouse, the size racks are designed by domain hosting, quality products with innovative features.

    Storage Shelf

    Storage shelves made from perforated steel cold rolled coils, iron wheels powder coated steel in combination with V will release the multifunction shelving perfect certainty. With different sizes according to the demand of customers. Storage shelves storage warehouse versatile easily assemble, lifting the need to resize the shelf trays to accommodate items that you need to store.


    Individual steel cupboards

    Complete details medium load shelves are powder coated with vivid multi-color, powder paint substandard produce shiny, rust, corrosion and especially you do not have to worry problem termite attack, do existing structural damage of the storage shelves as other wood products.

    Individual steel cupboards

    Storage shelves exquisite design, sustainable construction, provides the ability to store multiple types and sizes of goods, contributing to solving storage problems effectively.

    Individual steel cupboards

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